Stringent Strange Auction Over – But you can be a character in your own “deleted scene!”


The Whimsical Carnage Continues!

Our charity auction, to be Tuckerized in The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange to benefit Animal Aid, went even better than expected with $584 worth of bids. Even though you have missed your opportunity to be written into the book as character fighting a famous writer to the death (and losing!), you haven’t completely missed the boat. As we said when we first announced this book: the world has never seen a publishing event quite like this. There are two ways you can still get in on the fun.

First, if you preorder the book your name will appear among the spectators in the stadium during the fights. How cool is that? And the spectators will be listed by sections, which means if you want an up close seat in a good section, order now! Wait too long and you’ll be sitting in the nose-bleed section with the riffraff.

Second, you can still have Rhys Hughes write a scene where you fight to the death with a famous author! In the history of publishing we don’t know if anything this crazy has been attempted before. Luckily we have just the author to pull it off.

For just an extra $15 when you order your copy of The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange Rhys will write a scene specifically for you. This scene will not appear in the book, but it will be printed out and mailed to you with your book. While all of the deleted scenes would have appeared in the same place in the novel, each scene will be unique and feature a different author and victim (you). Click here to read an example.

See, that is the kind of silliness that is in store for you, if you order a “deleted scene.” And a portion of the $15 fee will be donated to Animal Aid. So once again, being impaled on a sword, trident, javelin, axe, or any other weapon Rhys comes up with, will do some good beyond your personal entertainment.

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