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Announcing — The Best of Farmerphile!



Today would have been Philip José Farmer’s 99th birthday and we’re celebrating with our first book of 2017, THE BEST OF FARMERPHILE!

Farmerphile: The Magazine of Philip José Farmer was a quarterly fanzine that ran fifteen issues from July 2005 to January 2009. Thanks to Philip José Farmer’s “Magic Filing Cabinet,”  Farmerphile published—for the first time anywhere—short stories (mostly not science fiction), excerpts, articles, speeches, and letters written by Farmer.

Farmerphile also contained articles and appreciations from Farmer’s fans and from his fellow science fiction authors, from critiques of his work to stories of personal encounters, and everything between. Winnowing all this content down to one “Best of” collection has been extremely difficult—in fact, we’re not quite finished—and we’re already over 570 pages.

Take a look a this table of contents so far.

There will be a Trade Paperback Edition, and a Hardcover Limited Edition (as always the print run of the limited edition will be determined by the number of books preordered). And of course a package deal where you can buy both editions at a discount!  While the hardcover is not “officially” a signed limited edition, when the book debuts at PulpFest/FarmerCon XII in late July 2017, we will get as many contributors on hand as possible to sign it.

Celebrate Phil’s birthday with us by preordering today!

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Ebook Price Drop on Stringent Strange


The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange by Rhys Hughes ebook is now only $2.99!

SS-frontsThe world has never seen an aviator quite like Stringent Strange. Half man, half ape, half badly added fraction, he can fly anything with wings and many things without. Under the mentorship of the unorthodox genius Professor Tobias Crinkle, our hairy hero soon gets much more than he bargains for when he finds himself up against a fiendish Nazi plot to invade and conquer America before the war has even begun!

Fortunately there exists an invention that can help him fight back against the warlike scoundrels, but the consequences of using it will propel him into even greater peril, into an alternative future where the themes and tropes of early magazine science fiction are menacingly real and coexist in perfect disharmony! Into a bracing reality where the only weapons he can rely on are the three special abnormalities he was born with…

Come and join Stringent Strange in a stupendous, mysterious, inventive adventure set in a far-flung time When Pulps Collide!

(Note: while the Signed Numbered Limited Edition is SOLD OUT — the trade edition is available directly from amazon.)

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