Bi-Weekly Sale – Man of War


Meteor House’s Bi-weekly Sale!

For our fourth Bi-weekly sale, (which runs through March 30th) we are offering $5 off the Signed Limited Edition paperback edition of Man of War by Heidi Ruby Miller.

Heidi recently did an interview with a PBS station in Pennsylvania for a segment they are doing on PulpFest. Once the segment airs we’re expecting a bit of a run on Man of War


Keep in mind there are only 100 copies of the paperback and 125 copies of the hardcover editions, and all copies are signed by Heidi Ruby Miller and cover artist Mark Wheatley!

To buy the hardcover, just visit the Man of War page.

To buy the paperback – at $5 off the cover price – use the paypal button on the Bi-weekly sale page.


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