Bi-weekly Sale

Meteor House’s Bi-weekly Sale!

StackedFor our second Bi-weekly sale, which will run from February 16th through March 1st, we are offering, for the first time ever, Dealer Discounts (40% off!) to the public for Dayworld: A Hole in Wednesday! That means you can buy:

  • The $25 Trade Paperback edition for only $15 (plus shipping).
  • The $35 Hardcover Limited edition for only $21 (plus shipping).
  • Or both for only $36 (plus shipping).

Dayworld: A Hole in Wednesday by Philip José Farmer and Danny Adams is a prequel to Farmer’s Dayworld* series. Farmer started this novel sometime in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s and Adams completed it in 2016.

Note that the hardcover is a Limited Edition of only 200 copies signed by Danny Adams, cover artist Keith Howell and Paul Spiteri (who wrote the Foreword). AND all of the copies of the trade paperback we have on hand are also signed by all three! Further note that we have limited quantities of these books available.

*If you need to catch up, the original three volumes in the series are available in ebook: Dayworld, Dayworld Rebel, and Dayworld Breakup.

Be sure to select the correct shipping option, depending on your location, in the paypal buttons below. Also, the more volumes you buy, the more you save with combined shipping.

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