Merry Christmas and Happy Reading!


Since the Wold Newton Day book signings we’ve been very busy here getting all those books out in the mail, hopefully arriving at their destinations in time for Christmas.

For those of you who did not preorder our new Signed Limited Edition of The Scarlet Jaguar by Win Scott Eckert, or the Signed Limited Edition (or trade paperback edition*) of The Song of Kwasin by Philip José Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey because you want that instant gratification of knowing your package is being mailed as soon as you order it, get your copy now–before they go out of print! (*there are signed copies of the Kwasin trade paperback available while supplies last)

Also, for any of you who received an amazon gift card and haven’t decided what to spend it on, we offer the following selection of books and ebooks available directly from amazon:

Flight to Opar (Restored Edition) by Philip José Farmer

The Song of Kwasin by Philip José Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey

The Evil in Pemberley House by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert

Airship Hunters by Jim Beard & Duane Spurlock

The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange by Rhys Hughes

For the Kindle:

The Evil in Pemberley House by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert

The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange By Rhys Hughes

The Scarlet Jaguar by Win Scott Eckert

Exiles of Kho by Christopher Paul Carey

Happy Reading!

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Win Scott Eckert to join Christopher Paul Carey for book signing on Wold Newton Day!


Once again our book signing plans have been changed. Due to delays at the printer, and holiday schedules, Win Scott Eckert will not be able to sign the Hardcover Limited Edition of The Scarlet Jaguar before Thanksgiving as originally planned. Instead he will travel to Meteor House HQ the weekend of December 12th and 13th (the 220th anniversary of the Wold Newton Meteorite) and sign The Scarlet Jaguar alongside Christopher Paul Carey signing The Song of Kwasin.

Win Scott Eckert and Christopher Paul Carey in the same place on Wold Newton Day? This could be historic, who knows what might come out of this confab!

All the preordered books will then be mailed out a few days later, so most customers will get them before Christmas (international orders will go out on Monday the 14th).

As always, the print runs of our Signed Limited Edition books are set by the number of preorders, with just a small number of extra copies printed. Right now both The Scarlet Jaguar and The Song of Kwasin could be sold out by the end December, so get your order in asap if you have not already!


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The Song of Kwasin & Flight to Opar package deals!


While supplies last

You can purchase the paperback editions of Flight to Opar (Restored Edition) by Philip José Farmer AND The Song of Kwasin by Philip José Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey together—we  take $3 off AND you save money on combined shipping! These are not limited editions but a number of paperbacks are signed by Christopher Paul Carey (the editor of  the Restored Edition).


You can purchase  the hardcover Signed Limited editions of Flight to Opar AND The Song of Kwasin together (both books are signed by Carey)—we take $5 off AND you save money on combined shipping!


Meteor House’s Flight to Opar is the first ever Restored Edition with over 4,000 words restored from Farmer’s original manuscript.

Meteor House’s The Song of Kwasin is the first ever stand-alone edition of the third, climatic novel in the Ancient Opar/Khokarsa series.

Both books feature cover art and frontispieces by Bob Eggleton and are full of never-before-available bonus materials.

But the preorder window for The Song of Kwasin is closing fast. If you want the hardcover Signed Limited hardcover edition, or a signed copy of the trade paperback edition, order now! (go to The Song of Kwasin page and scroll to the bottom for the package deals.)



And don’t forget our Scarlet Jaguar Package Deals, these are ending soon!

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Christopher Paul Carey to sign The Song of Kwasin paperback preorders!


Cover art by Bob Eggleton

The original plan was to ship the hardcover limited edition of The Song of Kwasin direct from the printer to Chris’ house. Then he would sign them and ship them back to Meteor House, and we would then ship them to the customers who preordered.

But, shipping the books cross country, twice, was building in a big delay in getting them out in December, so we’ve decided instead to bring Chris to the books. This means he will not only be signing the hardcover limited editions, but he can also the sign all of the trade paperbacks that are preordered.

So, if you haven’t preordered yet, now you have a little more motivation.

And don’t forget, the hardcover is a limited edition with the print run based on the number of preorders. We’ll print a small number of copies beyond the preorders, but once they’re gone…

So, get a signed hardcover, or paperback, of The Song of Kwasin while you can!

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The Scarlet Jaguar hardcover going to print!


We’re ordering a proof of The Scarlet Jaguar hardcover early this coming week and baring any corrections we should print the books by the end of the following week.

As of today the print run will only be 100 copies (we love making rare collectibles!) bringing the total print run for this title to 325 signed copies—225 paperbacks and 100 hardcovers.

But, that number could go up if we get a bunch of last minute orders in over the next week or so.

Remember, we only print a small number of books beyond the preorders, and we don’t expect these hardcovers to last past the end of the year.  So, if you missed out on the long-out-of-print paperback edition, get your order in asap!

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Unveiling Bob Eggleton’s Frontispiece to The Song of Kwasin!


As our readers know well, we’ve made a habit of commissioning brand-new frontispieces for the books we publish. We’re especially proud of Bob Eggleton’s illustration of the herculean Kwasin that will appear in our upcoming edition of The Song of Kwasin by Philip José Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey. We think you’ll agree that Bob captured perfectly the essence of Hadon of Opar’s gargantuan, half-mad cousin and his mighty Ax of Victory!

The Song of Kwasin will be available in trade paperback and a signed (by Carey) limited edition hardcover, both of which are chock-full of rare and previously unpublished bonus materials. The print run of the signed limited edition hardcover will be determined by the number of preorders, so order your copy soon!

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Scarlet Jaguar Package Deals


Meteor House is pleased to offer three special preorder package deals for the Signed Limited Edition hardcover of The Scarlet Jaguar by Win Scott Eckert, now through the end of October (or while supplies last).

PACKAGE #1: Save $5 plus even more with the combined shipping discount!

Purchase The Scarlet Jaguar with The Evil in Pemberley House by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert — both Pat Wildman adventures!

Meteor House’s trade paperback edition of The Evil in Pemberley House is full of bonus materials:

  • Foreword to the 2014 Edition
  • A Pemberley House/Wold Newton Family graphic tree
  • An Expanded Pemberley House/Wold Newton Family graphic tree, including SPOILERS from the novel
  • Outline for the novel by Philip José Farmer
  • A timeline of key events in the novel by Win Scott Eckert
  • A “Creative Mythography” essay by Win Scott Eckert, about the research and writing of the novel and ensuring it remained in continuity with Farmer’s other Wold Newtonian works, such as Tarzan AliveDoc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, and The Adventure of the Peerless Peer

PACKAGE #2: Save $5 plus even more with the combined shipping discount!

Purchase The Scarlet Jaguar with Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows by Josh Reynolds.

The Other Log of Phileas Fogg was only the beginning! It is 1889 and Phileas Fogg has settled into a life of quiet sequestration in the rural idyll of his family estate with his wife and children. The millenia-old conflict which once threatened to consume him is over and done. Or so he thought…

With less than 20 copies remaining of the Hardcover Limited Edition of Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows, this offer is only good while supplies last!


PACKAGE #3: Save $10 plus even more with the combined shipping discount!

Purchase The Scarlet Jaguar and The Evil in Pemberley House and Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows.

One Mega-deal for all three books. Again, only while supplies last!

If you have already preordered The Scarlet Jaguar  and would like to take advantage of one of these packages, just contact us at sales @ and we’ll send you an invoice for the difference.

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Announcing The Song of Kwasin in Its First-Ever Standalone Edition!


Cover art by Bob Eggleton

This past summer Meteor House published Hadon, King of Opar by Christopher Paul Carey, the fourth volume of Philip José Farmer’s Khokarsa/Ancient Opar series, as well as a new hardcover Signed Limited Edition of Carey’s Exiles of Kho, a prelude to the series. Both books sold extremely well, with only a very limited stock of the hardcover and paperback editions of Hadon, King of Opar still remaining, and the new edition of Exiles of Kho having virtually sold out only a month after its release! (Although if you missed out on the hardcover, you can still read the affordable ebook edition.)

In a very proud moment for Meteor House, we also debuted the never-before-published Restored Edition of Philip José Farmer’s Flight to Opar, the second volume of the Khokarsa series. This new edition features more than 4,000 words of text that were cut from Farmer’s original manuscript, plus a host of bonus materials. The trade paperback edition of Flight to Opar is in stock, and we still have a few copies remaining of the Limited Edition Hardcover signed by the book’s editor, Christopher Paul Carey, though we don’t expect these to last very long.

Now, hot on the heels of those exciting Khokarsa releases comes Meteor House’s new edition of The Song of Kwasin by Philip José Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey! The sequel to Hadon of Ancient Opar and Flight to Opar, The Song of Kwasin has previously been available only in an expensive hardcover omnibus, and has never before been published in its own standalone edition. Not only that, but Meteor House’s new edition is packed with both rare and unpublished bonus materials, making this the definitive edition of the novel (available as both a collectible hardcover signed by Christopher Paul Carey and an affordable trade paperback). If your Farmer collection includes only the old DAW Books mass market editions of Hadon of Ancient Opar and Flight to Opar published back in the 1970s, or the more recent editions of those two books, then you’re going to want this new edition of The Song of Kwasin, because the novel is the culmination of the original Khokarsa trilogy. To say any more would be telling, but believe us when we say you’re not going to want to miss it!

After years of exile in the Wild Lands, the giant warrior Kwasin of Dythbeth returns to the mighty Khokarsan Empire seeking the oracle’s forgiveness, only to find his native land torn asunder in a bloody civil war. The tyrannical King Minruth has usurped the throne from his daughter Awineth and, allied with the priests of the sun god Resu, overturned the beneficent, centuries-old rule of the priestesses of the goddess Kho. His spoiled cousin Hadon having fled with his companions to far-flung Opar, Kwasin soon finds he will have to take up the cause alone against Minruth the Mad.

Wielding his massive Ax of Victory, forged from the heart of a fallen star, Kwasin sets out to reconquer the throne of Khokarsa. But when he finds himself caught between a vengeful queen who seeks to control him and a conspiring priest who wants him dead, Kwasin must decide between reining in his unruly passions or unleashing them in a fury that could hurl the empire into oblivion. For the high priestess has decreed that unless Kwasin can master his wild nature and stop King Minruth before he attains immortality in an unholy ritual of the sun god, Great Kho will destroy all the land!

The Song of Kwasin is due out in December. Our Signed Limited Edition hardcovers sell out fast, so click here to preorder your copy now!


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Exiles of Kho Sold Out (almost…)


With only THREE copies left of the Signed Limited Edition hardcover of Exiles of Kho, we are freezing orders on this book until we can make sure all shipped orders are received.

Normally our Signed Limited Edition novellas sell out two to three months after we get them signed (usually at FarmerCon) and start shipping them. But the hardcover reprint of Exiles of Kho has nearly sold out in less than a month! And inevitably sometime in the next few weeks we’ll hear from an international customer (could be from England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Japan…well, you get the idea) saying they never received their book. So we need to hang on to these last three copies for a while until we know all of the preorders have been fulfilled.

If you want to be put on the waiting list to get a copy, send us an email.

We should also mention here that if you haven’t yet ordered a copy of the Signed Limited Edition hardcover reprint of The Scarlet Jaguar, now would be a good time to do that.


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The Scarlet Jaguar – Now in Hardcover!


Back in June we announced that Exiles of Kho by Christopher Paul Carey–Meteor House’s first Signed Limited Edition novella, published as a trade paperback and out of print for two years—was going to be reprinted as a Signed Limited Edition hardcover. 100 copies were printed in August and less than ten are left for sale today!

We bring that to your attention because today we are announcing that The Scarlet Jaguar by Win Scott Eckert—our second Signed Limited Edition novella, also printed in trade paperback, and also out of print for over a year—is going to be reprinted in hardcover!

In case you missed the paperback edition, The Scarlet Jaguar, the second book in the Pat Wildman series, was the 2014 PulpArk Award Winner for Best Novella. The first Pat Wildman novel, of course, is The Evil in Pemberley House, which is available in trade paperback and a forthcoming ebook. (Please also check out Win Scott Eckert’s Pat Wildman website.)

All copies of the new hardcover edition will be signed by Win Scott Eckert. The print-run will be determined by the number of preorders, and the deadline to preorder is November 1st. Books will be shipped in late November, so reserve your copy of the Signed Limited Edition Hardcover of The Scarlet Jaguar today!

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