Announcing Airship Hunters by Jim Beard & Duane Spurlock!


Cover art my M. S. Corley

Meteor House is extremely pleased to announce the publication of a brand new novel by Jim Beard & Duane Spurlock!

Does Airship Hunters get to the bottom of the nearly forgotten mystery of 19th-century UFOs?

It is 1897 and the skies are haunted by mysterious airships and unfathomable secrets.

Tasked with hunting down these strange vehicles of the air and determining their origin and intent, two U.S. government agents toil under unusual conditions to supply their shadowy superiors with information. But that information proves to be as elusive as the airships themselves.

Ride with Agents Valiantine and Cabot across the Midwest as they encounter reports of strange lights, phantom soldiers, unreliable witnesses, and the ultimate source of their airborne prey.

They are the Airship Hunters, and they cannot be waylaid from their path to uncover the greatest mystery of them all.

As with Meteor House’s original novellas, Airship Hunters will be published as a Signed Limited Edition trade paperback. And just like with our novellas, your name will appear on the acknowledgments page in the same order you preorder—as long as you preorder by July 1st 2015.

As always, the print run will be determined by the number of preorders received. Not many copies beyond those reserved will be printed, another reason to get your order in today!

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Announcing Hadon, King of Opar and a new hardcover edition of Exiles of Kho!


We’re thrilled to announce that Philip José Farmer’s Ancient Opar returns this summer in Hadon, King of Opar, a brand-new novella set in the lost civilization of Khokarsa written by Christopher Paul Carey—with stunning artwork by Bob Eggleton! The new novella, authorized by Farmer’s estate, resumes Hadon’s storyline fourteen years after the events of Farmer and Carey’s The Song of Kwasin (we’ll have some good news about that novel later this year!), and should be considered Volume 4 in the Khokarsa series. A sequel by Carey, Blood of Ancient Opar, is already in the works, and having read the thrill-ride of Hadon, King of Opar, we couldn’t be more pleased.

Opar, legendary city of gold and fabulous treasures, once shined as the most precious jewel of Khokarsa, a mighty empire whose magnificent cities stretched across the shores of ancient Africa’s vast inland seas. But a horrific cataclysm has shattered the other great metropolises of the land and the bountiful seas have slowly begun to drain. Now golden Opar stands alone—the last bastion of a dying civilization, battling to survive in a hostile and rapidly changing world.

When a mysterious enemy strikes from out of the wilds, King Hadon must lead his golden city against the most perilous threat it has ever faced. As he embarks on a mission to confront the danger, Hadon runs headlong into a maze of plots and intrigues lurking in the ages-old tunnels deep beneath the city. Soon he discovers the ancient war between the followers of the goddess Kho and the sun god Resu never truly ended. Unless Hadon can rally his most daunting enemies to fight by his side and rescue his daughter La from the clutches of a ruthless pirate lord, the city of gold and jewels will soon lie in ruins, the long-held prophecy of its greatness hurled into oblivion…

Click here to preorder your copy of Hadon, King of Opar.


On top of the big news about Hadon, King of Opar, we’re happy to meet reader demand for a new hardcover edition of Exiles of Kho by Christopher Paul Carey!

Exiles of Kho was was Meteor House’s very first Signed Limited Edition novella. It was published in paperback in 2012 and has been out of print for over two years. Since then, a large number of our readers have asked for the novella in hardcover, so we’re happy to announce this new Signed Limited Edition Hardcover of Exiles of Kho, with brand-new cover art by Mark Wheatley!

All copies will be signed by Christopher Paul Carey. The print-run will be determined by the number of preorders, so reserve your copy of the Signed Limited Edition Hardcover of Exiles of Kho now!

Click here to preorder your copy of the new Signed Limited Edition Hardcover of Exiles of Kho.

One more thingand we have saved the best news for lastif you would like to preorder both Hadon, King of Opar (in paperback, hardcover or both) and Exiles of Kho (in hardcover) we have special package deals that will save you money!

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Flight to Opar – Restored Edition!


Today we’re excited to announce the first of three Ancient Opar titles we’ll be putting up for preorder on our website in the coming weeks!

This summer Meteor House will release the never-before-published Restored Edition of Philip José Farmer’s classic novel Flight to Opar, the second volume of his acclaimed Khokarsa series.

This new edition—available as both an affordable trade paperback and a collectible limited edition hardcover—features nearly 4,000 words that were cut from Farmer’s original manuscript when the novel was published in 1976. Meteor House’s Restored Edition is the first and only publication of the novel ever to include the excised material, which encompasses long passages of narrative, dialogue, and rich world-building details on Ancient Opar and the civilization of Khokarsa that readers have never previously been able to enjoy—until now.

Meteor House’s Restored Edition of Flight to Opar also features cover art and a frontispiece by Hugo Award-winning artist Bob Eggleton as well as rare and previously unpublished bonus material, including:

  • A Preface to the Restored Edition by Christopher Paul Carey (coauthor with Philip José Farmer of The Song of Kwasin, the third novel in the Khokarsa series)*
  • A brand-new introduction by S. M. Stirling (New York Times bestselling author of the Change series)*
  • The Khokarsan Language by Philip José Farmer**
  • Khokarsan Glossary by Philip José Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey
  • A Guide to Khokarsa by Christopher Paul Carey
  • Early Notes on the Khokarsa Series by Philip José Farmer*
  • Original Outline to Flight to Opar by Philip José Farmer*
  • Cross-section Map of Opar by Philip José Farmer*

* Never before published.
** Only previously available in an out-of-print and extremely hard-to-find signed limited edition.

The hardcover limited edition will be signed by editor Christopher Paul Carey.

And while the trade paperback edition will not have a short print run, if you preorder a copy before publication, it will also be signed by editor Christopher Paul Carey.

Click here to preorder your copy now!

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The Scarlet Jaguar is now available on Nook!


In the “better late than never” department, we’re pleased to announce that Win Scott Eckert’s The Scarlet Jaguar  (second in the Pat Wildman series, and winner of the 2014 New Pulp Award Winner for Best Novella) is now available on Nook.

We know that we’ve been a bit behind the curve here at Meteor House in terms of getting ebooks out. While a few books in our back catalog are not on deck for ebook release due to various issues, we are committed to catching up with Kindle and Nook releases of as many books as we can in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned!

Back to Pat Wildman: we know that it seems odd that book #2 is out in ebook before the first in the series, The Evil in Pemberley House. This is due purely to the fact that we secured the rights to reissue Pemberley House after we released The Scarlet Jaguar. The print edition of Pemberley House is currently out of stock, but we should have more copies in house in short order, followed by an ebook edition (both Kindle and Nook). And yes, there will be more Pat Wildman adventures after that!

In the meantime, head on over to our ebooks page and pick up the new Nook edition (or the Kindle edition, for that matter!) of The Scarlet Jaguar!

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Three Announcements from FarmerCon!


FarmerCon, as always, was the highlight of the year for Meteor House! Not only did we release Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows by Josh Reynolds, and our reprint edition of The Evil in Pemberley House by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert, but we announced three new exciting books to be published in the next year!

First is Airship Hunters by Jim Beard and Duane Spurlock:

1897. The skies are haunted by mysterious airships and unfathomable secrets.

Tasked with hunting down these strange vehicles of the air and determining their origin and intent, two U.S. government agents toil under unusual conditions to supply their shadowy superiors with information. But that information proves to be as elusive as the airships themselves.

Ride with Agents Valiantine and Cabot across the Midwest as they encounter reports of strange lights, phantom soldiers, unreliable witnesses, and the ultimate source of their airborne prey.

They are the Airship Hunters, and they cannot be waylaid from their path to uncover the greatest mystery of them all.

Second is Hadon, King of Opar and Blood of Ancient Opar by Christopher Paul Carey:

Ancient Opar Returns!

Two new authorized novellas in Philip José Farmer’s epic saga of Khokarsa, a civilization lost to the mists of time. Christopher Paul Carey, coauthor of The Song of Kwasin, will be writing the two novellas based on Farmer’s notes.

Twelve thousand years ago, the vast empire of Khokarsa ringed the shores of ancient Africa’s inland seas. In the novels Hadon of Ancient Opar, Flight to Opar, and The Song of Kwasin, the hero Hadon and his giant cousin Kwasin led the battle against the priests of the sun god Resu, who sought to usurp the beneficent rule of the priestesses of Kho. Twenty years have passed since the heroes’ victory, and mighty Khokarsa lies in ruin, victim to a continent-wide earthquake. Of all the cities of the empire, only shining Opar, the city of gold and jewels, remains standing. Now, Hadon must lead his people against a brutal enemy that seeks to pillage Opar’s most precious treasures and slaughter its king.

Third is The Monster on Hold by Philip José Farmer & Win Scott Eckert:

Win Scott Eckert has entered into an agreement with the Estate of Philip José Farmer to complete the Doc Caliban novel The Monster on Hold!

The Monster on Hold. The Unspeakable Threshold. Down to Earth’s Centre.

The very titles evoke the sense of mystery and horror that the bronze-hued superman, Doc Caliban, feels when faced with another descent deep into a subterranean complex to confront an unfathomable evil–an evil that is described, but never explained, in the final Doc Savage novel published during the original pulp run, Up from Earth’s Center, written by Lester Dent.

Philip José Farmer utilized all three titles, at various times, while working on his fourth Nine book. However, The Monster on Hold was the latest title, and the one under which he announced the book at the 1983 World Fantasy Convention. Thus, it’s only fitting that this Doc Caliban adventure will finally appear under the title best known to Farmer’s legions of fans.

Eckert, under Farmer’s direction, previously completed another unfinished Farmer manuscript, The Evil in Pemberley House. He also served as series editor for the recent Titan Books editions of the Nine novels (rebranded for the reissues as the Secrets of the Nine series), and will faithfully utilize all known prose by Farmer, as well as all existing notes, in completing the fourth novel–including little-seen text found in a folder in Farmer’s “Magic Filing Cabinet,” which was very suitably labeled “Cthulhu Story.”

Follow along on Facebook  and Twitter for all the latest developments.

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Only 3 days left to have your name published in our next novella!


Cover Art by Amar Djouad

If you already own a copy of Exiles of Kho and/or The Scarlet Jaguar, you know on the acknowledgments page there is a long list of those readers who preordered the books and made their publication possible.

How cool is that? How many other publishers do that?

Our latest novella, Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows by Josh Reynolds will also have this list of preorderers whose names will be immortalized as those being wise enough to have purchased the book before it came out—without whom, the book would not have been published.

If you would like to be one of those visionaries, your time is running out! This book will go into production next week so in order for your name to appear on the acknowledgments page, you must preorder no later than this Thursday, May 15th.

Don’t miss out and have this be a regret you live with for the rest of your life, order today!

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The Evil in Pemberley House – Back in Print!


Cover art by Glen Orbik

On the heels of announcing the ebook edition of The Scarlet Jaguar (an Original Pat Wildman Adventure) by Win Scott Eckert, Meteor House is completely over the moon to announce our publication of the original Pat Wildman adventure: The Evil in Pemberley House by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert!

Out of print since 2010,  this hard-to-find gem is now available in an affordable edition from Meteor House. The Evil in Pemberley House was previously only available in a $40 hardcover limited edition, and a $60 signed and numbered limited edition, our $20 trade paperback is a golden opportunity for those who missed the long out-of-print hardcover and will be a welcome addition to any library.

But wait, there’s more! Our trade edition also includes these bonus features not found in the trade hardcover:

  • Foreword to the 2014 Edition
  • A Pemberley House/Wold Newton Family graphic tree
  • An Expanded Pemberley House/Wold Newton Family graphic tree, including SPOILERS from the novel
  • Outline for the novel by Philip José Farmer
  • A timeline of key events in the novel by Win Scott Eckert
  • A “Creative Mythography” essay by Win Scott Eckert, about the research and writing of the novel and ensuring it remained in continuity with Farmer’s other Wold Newtonian works, such as Tarzan Alive, Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, and The Adventure of the Peerless Peer

Don’t forget, if you preorder by June 30th, your copy will be signed by Win Scott Eckert at FarmerCon IX in early August (all books will be shipped after FarmerCon, unless of course you come to FarmerCon, then you get your copy in person and we’ll refund the shipping charge!).

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The Scarlet Jaguar – Ebook Now Available!


Meteor House is thrilled to announce the expansion of our ebook catalog, adding Win Scott Eckert’s The Scarlet Jaguar to our earlier release, Christopher Paul Carey’s Exiles of Kho.

Winner of the 2014 New Pulp Award for best novella, The Scarlet Jaguar was published as a Signed Limited Edition trade paperback in the summer of 2013 and quickly sold out. If you missed getting a copy, now is your chance as Meteor House is pleased to release the digital edition for Amazon’s Kindle devices. (A Barnes & Noble Nook version will follow soon.)

The Scarlet Jaguar, a sequel to The Evil in Pemberley House (cowritten by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert), is Pat Wildman’s second adventure, but by no means her last, as Eckert is hard at work transcribing her next exploit.


When we last saw Patricia Wildman, daughter of Doc Wildman, the bronze champion of justice, six months had passed since the main events of The Evil in Pemberley House. She and her associate Parker, an ex-Scotland Yard Inspector, had set up Empire State Investigations at her Pemberley House estate—and she just received a mysterious phone call from her supposedly late father . . .

Several months later, Pat and Parker undertake an investigation that takes them from Pemberley House in the Derbyshire countryside . . . To New York, where they battle agents of the Scarlet Jaguar and meet Pat’s old friend, the icy, pale-skinned beauty Helen Benson, who agrees to join them on their quest . . . To the small nation of Xibum, where the evil Scarlet Jaguar’s reign of uncanny assassinations threatens to expand to the rest of Central America—and beyond!

Now, it’s a race against time deep in the wilds of the Central American jungle, as Pat Wildman and her crew confront the Scarlet Jaguar’s weird power to eliminate his enemies from afar, marked only by a wisp of crimson smoke—smoke resembling nothing so much as the head of a blood-red screaming jaguar. But who—or what—is the Scarlet Jaguar? A power-mad dictator determined to reclaim power? A revolutionary movement bent on taking over the country, and the rest of Central America?

Or a front for something even more sinister . . .?

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Josh Reynolds – Interview!


Cover Art by Amar Djouad

It turns out Josh Reynolds, author of the third in our series of Signd Limited Edition Novellas, Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows, is a rather prolific writer.

How prolific, you ask? Rather than tell you about it here, let us direct you to his interview over at the Official Philip José Farmer Website. It’s the fifth interview in thier long-neglected (nudge nudge) series of interviews with writers influenced by Philip José Farmer.

Here are a few of our favorite moments from the interview:

The latter is one of the reasons I still re-read Farmer to this day—he’s so damn exuberant about all of these authors that you can’t help but feel your enthusiasm for the originals rekindled when you read something of his that references them.

Plus, you know…Phileas Fogg. Dude’s pretty cool, right? Who wouldn’t want to write about him?

It is almost a certainty that such will occur at a future date. The Exposition was a big deal, lot of people there. Probably at least four novellas going on at the same time. One of ‘em probably involves a robot.

It’s certain to whet your appetite, not only for Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows, (which you should preorder now, while you still can…) but for Josh’s other work as well. There are even links to stories you can read for free online!

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Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows by Josh Reynolds!


Cover Art by Amar Djouad

Meteor House is thrilled to announce the third in our series of Signed Limited Edition Novellas based on the works of Philip José Farmer.

Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows is an exciting sequel to Farmer’s The Other Log of Phileas Fogg, which we all know is the “true story” behind the events of Jules Verne’s novel, Around the World in Eighty Days.

In this all-new adventure Phileas Fogg has settled into a life of quiet sequestration in the rural idyll of his family estate with his wife and children. The millenia-old conflict which once threatened to consume him is over and done. Or so he thought. But when an old foe disrupts his peaceful retirement, seeking his aid against an enemy which threatens them both, Fogg finds himself once more thrown into the white-hot crucible of war.

Now, with his loved ones under threat of death, and accompanied by the unpredictable colonel who has been described as the second most dangerous man in London, Fogg must dare the dangers of the City of Light in order to uncover the deadly secrets hidden beneath the streets of Paris. And as the wonders of the Exposition Universelle unfold around him and the air quivers with the impossible reverberation of nine great clangings, Fogg must plunge into the shadowed depths of the Parisian catacombs on the trail of his phantom enemy…

This is a story you don’t want to miss, but don’t just take our word for it:

“With all the verve, sense of adventure, and sly reference to classic literature that I’ve come to love and expect in his work, Josh Reynolds carries forward the secret history of Phileas Fogg in a manner both highly entertaining and true to the spirit of Philip José Farmer.” — Christopher Paul Carey (author of Exiles of Kho)

“The best Wold Newton stories tell a rollicking adventure tale, first and foremost, while also subtlety advancing the larger mythos. Josh Reynolds’ sequel to Philip Josè Farmer’s The Other Log of Phileas Fogg delivers in spades, with tale of high adventure that satisfies on both levels. Bravo! I eagerly await the next chapter in Fogg’s ongoing exploits.” — Win Scott Eckert (author of The Scarlet Jaguar)

As with our previous Signed Limited Edition Novellas, if you pre-order—now through May 15th—your name will appear in the book on the acknowledgments page! How cool is that? These pre-orders also determine the print run of each edition. Since these novella sell out in just a few months, pre-ordering is the only way to guarantee you will get a copy.

We have one more important detail to add, and this is brand-new, Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows will be available in trade paperback AND hardcover!

Many of our readers said they would prefer our Signed Limited Novellas in hardcover, and now you have a choice:

$15 for the Trade Paperback (plus shipping)
$25 for the Hardcover (plus shipping)
$35 for both! (add only the same shipping cost as the hardcover)

Seriously, who ever heard of $15 for a signed limited edition? Or only $25 for a signed limited edition hardcover with a dust jacket? And you if buy the hardcover you can get the trade paperback for only $10 more? No wonder Meteor House is your favorite micro-publisher!


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