All 2021 titles in and ready to ship!


After too many printing, shipping, and reprinting delays to count, we finally have all five 2021 editions in stock as of December 31st!

The Monster on Hold It’s Always DarkestThe Man Who Met Tarzan

We’re going to take the whole New Years weekend to finish boxing up roughly three hundred separate preorders, put postage on them, and do our best to get all of them in the mail on Monday January 3rd.

Thank you so much for your patience!

One more note. The hardcover edition of The Monster on Hold is temporarily sold out. Whenever we do a large shipment like this a few orders get lost or damaged. We need to make sure we have enough copies in reserve to send out replacements if needed. In a few weeks we will put the remaining copies (less than 10) back up for sale.

Happy New Year everyone, at least we’re ending on a positive note!

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Printing Delay Update Email


This email was sent to all our customers who preordered our 2021 titles (The Man Who Met TarzanThe Monster on Hold, and It’s Always Darkest) on 12/5/21:

Hello again and holiday greetings from Meteor House!

We wanted to provide you with another shipping update regarding your pre-ordered book(s). As we’ve all seen in various news stories, supply chain issues and worker shortages are impacting businesses everywhere, including printers and shippers! So, our books are taking longer to get printed, longer to ship, and when they do arrive, a significant percentage are damaged and need to be reprinted! It’s a perfect storm of Murphy’s Law!

As most of you know, for years we’ve offered package deals so we can ship customers’ books together saving them postage costs. This year, due to our ongoing delays, we are now considering shipping books in “waves” based on which books arrive first. This would mean breaking up some orders and sending customers books in two different shipments.

For example: If you ordered the package deal with all three hardcovers—The Man Who Met Tarzan, The Monster on Hold, and It’s Always Darkest—we’d ship you Tarzan, and the other two books three to four weeks later (assuming we finally have them by then).

To be clear, this would be an added expense for Meteor House—well over a hundred extra packages and hundreds of dollars in extra cost—that we would not pass on to our customers. We are monitoring the printing and shipping situation regarding our orders daily, and we expect to know within a week or two if we will need to go with this new approach.

In the meantime, we want to extend to you again our apologies for the delays. Please rest assured we are very aware of the situation and we are going to take the necessary steps to mitigate it, if it comes to that. These delays are also going to cause a big change in how we do business going forward.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

The Meteor House Team

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Shipping delays on new titles.


For all of you who preordered a copy of any of our 2021 titles:

The Man Who Met Tarzan by Philip José Farmer
It’s Always Darkest by Frank Schildiner
The Monster on Hold by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert

Normally we ship our new books in September (after recovering from FarmerCon/PulpFest in August) but we are behind with completing all the work and attention that goes into our publications, and we’re also experiencing delays with our printers.

We expect the books to go out in the next several weeks and we will announce that here as soon as they start shipping.

Our sincere apologies for the delay.

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The Monster on Hold Table of Contents — and Limitation Reveal!


As we’re putting the finishing touches on this year’s books we thought we’d share the (near) final Table of Contents for The Monster on Hold by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert

Front Matter
Foreword by Chuck Welch
What Has Gone Before by Philip José Farmer

The Novel
Part I – Some Unspeakable Dweller (1977)
Part II – The Guardian at the Threshold (1984)
Part III – Down to Earth’s Centre (1984)
Epilogue – After the Fire (1993)

Bonus Material
The Wild Huntsman (bonus novella) by Win Scott Eckert
A Tale of Two Universes by Win Scott Eckert
Chronology of the Nine Universe by Win Scott Eckert
Original Prose, Outline, and Notes by Philip José Farmer
A Note from the Coauthor by Win Scott Eckert

The novel in three parts is an unexpected twist, but fans of the original series (A Feast Unknown, Lord of the Trees, The Mad Goblin) are in for an action packed treat!

All our books will be shipping soon, but there is still time to preorder the Hardcover Limited Edition (of only 200 copies) before it goes out of print!


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Extra Bonus Monster on Hold Cover Reveal


Hardcover Limited Edition Full

Wraparound Cover Art by Mark Wheatley

As much as we love the front cover art for the Hardcover Limited Edition of The Monster on Hold by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert, we couldn’t help ourselves in wanting to share the full wraparound dust jacket artwork by Mark Wheatley.

Click on the picture for your viewing pleasure . . .

Monster full small

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The Monster on Hold Paperback Cover Reveal!


Meteor House is very excited to reveal Doug Klauba’s terrific cover art for the Trade Paperback edition of The Monster on Hold! This is our first time working with Doug, but Win Scott Eckert picked him for one of the two covers since Doug did a cover for Win at another publisher years ago.

Note that both the Trade Paperback and Signed Hardcover Limited Editions have interior artwork by Doug Klauba and Hardcover artist Mark Wheatley. And both artists, as well as Chuck Welch (introduction) and Win Scott Eckert, will be signing the Hardcover Limited Edition.

Also note that to guarantee you can get a copy of Signed Hardcover Limited Edition, you need to preorder now.

Paperback art by Doug Klauba

Paperback art by Doug Klauba

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FarmerCon to be Virtual again in 2021


As you will probably be aware by now, PulpFest is going ahead as an in-person event. Unfortunately, Meteor House has made the difficult decision not to attend and, therefore, there will be no official FarmerCon in Pittsburgh this year. If some of you do decide to attend we sincerely hope you have a great time and will spend time together in the spirit of FarmerCon.

Whereas it is unfortunate that events outside of our control have meant we can’t all meet up in person, those who attended last year’s virtual FarmerCon will be pleased to know that we, at Meteor House, are planning to hold such an event again this year. Last year’s programming had plenty of pre-recorded content for people to enjoy, plus two very well-attended and fun Zoom hangouts. We plan to do something very similar this year which will allow us to showcase the three very exciting books coming out this year, and give you some insight into the process of their creation. We are also keen to give people the opportunity to discuss them (as well as myriad other Farmer-related topics) via the live Zoom social event.

We haven’t quite settled on the timing for virtual FarmerCon; we’re still working through identifying the best timing so as to coincide with our book releases, but it is likely we will hold the event sometime in the autumn. We’ll share a date as soon as we can.

It’s a shame that for a second year in a row we aren’t able to all be in the same place at the same time, enjoying a meal together, sitting alongside each other in the presentation hall, or even just sharing some cake, but a screen-based catchup, coupled with some exciting pre-recorded programming, will be an enjoyable way to spend a weekend together from wherever we are.

Stay tuned for more information. And stay safe.

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The Man Who Met Tarzan Table of Contents!


Here is the full Table of Contents for The Man Who Met Tarzan by Philip José Farmer! This collection not only includes a previously unpublished article, but thanks to the “Magic Filing Cabinet,” two other pieces contain additional material not seen before as well!

New essays by Christopher Paul Carey, Win Scott Eckert, and Henry G. Franke III.
The Golden Age and The Brass (Used as PJF preface to this collection)

The Official Biographer
An Appreciation of Edgar Rice Burroughs
From ERB to YGG
The Princess of Terra

The Feral Man
Introduction to Mother was a Lovely Beast
The Feral Human in Mythology and Fiction

A Reply to the Red Herring
Some Problems in Writing the Tarzan Biography*
The Great Korak Time Discrepancy
The Lord Mountford Mystery
A Kernel of Truth (Letter)
Some Problems in Writing the Tarzan Biography*

Parsing the Legend
The Arms of Tarzan
Tarzan the Reasoner (Introduction from Mother was a Lovely Beast)
A Language for Opar
I Still Live!
From Forne to Farmer (Letter)

In His Own Words
Extracts from the Memoirs of Lord Greystoke**

The Main Event
An Exclusive Interview with Lord Greystoke***

*Previously unpublished!
**Includes a short additional extract.
***Includes Phil’s preparatory notes, and additional questions and answers!

Remember, this book will be published as both a Trade Paperback and a Signed Limited Edition Hardcover. Preorder now to make sure you get a copy of the hardcover before it goes out of print!

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The Monster on Hold – Zoom Background!


Yes, you read that right! Artist Mark Wheatley has edited the cover art, highlighting the throne layer from The Monster on Hold cover to make a really cool Zoom background file:


Click on the above then right click and select “Save image as…” Then rule your next Zoom meeting!

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It’s Always Darkest Cover Reveal!


Back on Philip José Farmer’s birthday we announced the three books we’re publishing in 2021:

It’s Always Darkest by Frank Schildiner

The Man Who Met Tarzan by Philip José Farmer

The Monster on Hold by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert

Cover by Keith Howell

Cover by Keith Howell

Today we’re really excited to share with you the dust jacket for It’s Always Darkest, another great cover by Meteor House regular Keith Howell! This cover just hints at all the action you’ll find in this exciting new Signed Limited Edition Novella.

If you’re not already familiar with Frank Schildiner, he is a prolific new pulp writer published by Black Coat Press, Moonstone Books, Hollywood Comics, Wildside Press, White Rocket Books, Airship 27, Flinch Books, ProSe Publishing, and others. In fact, Meteor House has published him before as well, in the chapbook, Watch Your Back, Mr. Minamoto, which you can buy along with It’s Always Darkest in a special package deal.

If you missed it, Frank also participated in the “Many Adventures of Philip José Farmer” zoom panel for 2020’s Virtual FarmerCon XV.

Just like with all our other Signed Limited Edition Novellas, the names of customers who preorder the book are printed in the acknowledgements. But you have to preorder soon to get your name in the book. Don’t let this exciting adventure slip away!


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