The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 4

The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 4:
Voyages to Strange Days

Cover Art by Laura Givens

US$ 25.00
6×9 tpb
308 pages
of 500 copies

The first three volumes in the Worlds of Philip José Farmer series focused on different facets of Farmer’s career: Volume 1 studied his disdain for literary boundaries, those between genres and even those between fiction and reality; Volume 2 featured his interest in the softer sciences, such as, sociology, anthropology, psychology, and theology, among many others; Volume 3 played around with his love of the trickster character in fiction, and his own trickster nature.

Volume 4 focuses on perhaps a more obvious topic: Philip José Farmer the classic science fiction writer! Farmer grew up on the pulps; from the 1920s through the Golden Age, Farmer was an avid reader of many of the science fiction magazines. Although many were ground-breaking, his earliest stories used familiar tropes such as interstellar travel, alien races, parallel worlds, computers, war, scientists, etc.


Foreword by Robert Silverberg
Peoria-Colored Worlds
The Case of the Curious Contradiction by Terry Bibo
Eleven Days in Springtime by François Mottier
Philip José Farmer Conquirt L’Univers Postface by Philip José Farmer
Pecon 2 Guest of Honor Speech by Philip José Farmer
Expanded Worlds
Samdroo and the Grassman by Martin Gately
Whiteness of the Whale by Danny Adams
Ite, Missa Est by Paul Spiteri
Antlers of Flesh by E. C. Lisic
The Goddess Equation by Christopher Paul Carey
Classic Worlds
A Carmody-Raspold Chronology by Christopher Paul Carey
Letter of Discord by Philip José Farmer
For Where Your Treasure Is by Art Sippo
Moth and Rust by Philip José Farmer

Remember, the Worlds of Philip José Farmer 4 is a Numbered Limited Edition.

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Worlds of PJF 4: Voyages to Strange Days: Paperback
Worlds of PJF 4: Voyages to Strange Days: Paperback
Price: $25.00