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First Blurb for Stringent Strange – “deleted” scenes still available


We keep telling you what a thoroughly amazing book The Abnormalies of Stringent Strange is, but hey, don’t just take our word for it:

Harry Stephen Keeler.  Lester Dent.  Ray Cummings.  Neil R. Jones.  Jeff Lint.  In his latest neuron-warping metanovel, Rhys Hughes has surpassed all these illustrious predecessors in that noble lineage of wall-eyed, demented, scoop-brained scientifiction.  Or rather, he has become all these men.  And perhaps several women, cats, robots and apes as well.  I can’t say for sure, since I am still respooling my altered DNA after being swept up in the time-leaping, space-annihilating adventures of hybrid hero “Stringy” Strange and cyborg’d Professor Crinkle.  Together, they succeed in making Alan Moore’s Tom Strong look like Doc Savage in a tutu attempting to mime the theft of Philip K. Dick’s android head.  And you just can’t beat that!”
–Paul Di Filippo, author of FUZZY DICE.

We agree, you just can’t beat that! This novel keeps hitting you with surprise after surprise that you’ll never see coming. Hmm, actually, if you do see all these changes coming, please seek professional help immediately.

Also don’t forget, for a limited time only, in addition to ordering a Signed Limited Edition of the novel, where your name will appear in the book among the “spectators,” you can also order your own personal deleted scene from the novel. Your deleted scene will not appear in the book, but will be printed out and mailed with your copy of the book. While all of the deleted scenes would have appeared in the same place in the novel, each scene will be unique and written especially for you. Just as with the charity auction we ran last month, this scene will depict your death in the gladiatorial arena as you are killed off by the author of your choice! Seriously, how incredibly weird is that?
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