Dayworld: A Hole in Wednesday Update

A Hole in Wednesday

by Philip José Farmer & Danny Adams

AHIWhcA few weeks ago we announced a new addition to one of Philip José Farmer’s classic series: Dayworld: A Hole in Wednesday by Philip José Farmer and Danny Adams.

Today we’re excited to let you know that both the hardcover and paperback editions of the novel will include an Introduction by Michael A. Burstein and a Foreword by Paul Spiteri!

Michael A. Burstein has been a Hugo and Nebula finalist multiple times for his short fiction, much of which can be found in his book I Remember the Future. He is glad that Dayworld isn’t real, as he could never get the hang of Thursdays and suspects he’d be trapped in one forever.

Paul Spiteri was co-editor of Farmerphile: The Magazine of Philip José Farmer throughout its fifteen issue run (2005-2009) and in 2006 edited Pearls from Peoria (Subterranean Press). In 2008 he co-wrote, with Philip José Farmer, the short story “Getting Ready to Write” (Farmerphile #13), an experience he would gladly repeat for each day of the week.

Don’t forget, the hardcover signed limited edition of Dayworld: A Hole in Wednesday will have a print run determined by the number of books preordered. Get your order in soon to guarantee you get a copy before they sell out!



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