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All 2021 titles in and ready to ship!


After too many printing, shipping, and reprinting delays to count, we finally have all five 2021 editions in stock as of December 31st!

The Monster on Hold It’s Always DarkestThe Man Who Met Tarzan

We’re going to take the whole New Years weekend to finish boxing up roughly three hundred separate preorders, put postage on them, and do our best to get all of them in the mail on Monday January 3rd.

Thank you so much for your patience!

One more note. The hardcover edition of The Monster on Hold is temporarily sold out. Whenever we do a large shipment like this a few orders get lost or damaged. We need to make sure we have enough copies in reserve to send out replacements if needed. In a few weeks we will put the remaining copies (less than 10) back up for sale.

Happy New Year everyone, at least we’re ending on a positive note!

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Printing Delay Update Email


This email was sent to all our customers who preordered our 2021 titles (The Man Who Met TarzanThe Monster on Hold, and It’s Always Darkest) on 12/5/21:

Hello again and holiday greetings from Meteor House!

We wanted to provide you with another shipping update regarding your pre-ordered book(s). As we’ve all seen in various news stories, supply chain issues and worker shortages are impacting businesses everywhere, including printers and shippers! So, our books are taking longer to get printed, longer to ship, and when they do arrive, a significant percentage are damaged and need to be reprinted! It’s a perfect storm of Murphy’s Law!

As most of you know, for years we’ve offered package deals so we can ship customers’ books together saving them postage costs. This year, due to our ongoing delays, we are now considering shipping books in “waves” based on which books arrive first. This would mean breaking up some orders and sending customers books in two different shipments.

For example: If you ordered the package deal with all three hardcovers—The Man Who Met Tarzan, The Monster on Hold, and It’s Always Darkest—we’d ship you Tarzan, and the other two books three to four weeks later (assuming we finally have them by then).

To be clear, this would be an added expense for Meteor House—well over a hundred extra packages and hundreds of dollars in extra cost—that we would not pass on to our customers. We are monitoring the printing and shipping situation regarding our orders daily, and we expect to know within a week or two if we will need to go with this new approach.

In the meantime, we want to extend to you again our apologies for the delays. Please rest assured we are very aware of the situation and we are going to take the necessary steps to mitigate it, if it comes to that. These delays are also going to cause a big change in how we do business going forward.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

The Meteor House Team

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