Meteor House Chapbook No. 5

The Lazarus Cabal

by Sean Lee Levin

5.5×8.5, 20 pages (6,975 words)
Limited Edition of 100 Signed copies

Meteor House and Sean Lee Levin are pleased to present The Lazarus Cabal, featuring cover and interior art by Keith Howell!

August 1917: The Great War is in its fourth year, and the Americans have entered the conflict. One man, however, has already been fighting for his country. 

Bruce Hagin Rassendyll, pilot and spy, is separated from his companions when his plane is shot down by a German pilot. Encountering a zombified German soldier attacking both American troops and the monster’s own countrymen, Rassendyll soon finds himself drawn into battle with a group of scientists called the Lazarus Cabal, led by the maniacal Dr. Meirschultz. 

One man must prevent this ruthless group and its creations from turning the tide of the war for the worse. But can even Rassendyll’s courage, strength, and combat skills prevail against monsters who are already dead?

Our fifth limited edition chapbook is a 20 page, 6,975 word, crossover heavy adventure!

Sean will sign all 100 copies at PulpFest/FarmerCon and preordered copies (not picked up at FarmerCon) will ship in mid-August.

Package Deal: Purchase The Lazarus Cabal along with Crossovers Expanded Volume 3 and save $6! (If you already purchased Crossovers Expanded Volume 3, and you purchase The Lazarus Cabal, we will refund $2.)

Meteor House Chapbook No. 5
Meteor House Chapbook No. 5
Price: $8.00
Crossovers Expanded Vol 3 & The Lazarus Cabal
Crossovers Expanded Vol 3 & The Lazarus Cabal
Price: $37.00
Price: $31.00
Sean Lee Levin has been a devotee of Philip José Farmer’s work since 2002. A lifelong resident of Chicago, he is an avid reader and film buff. Sean is the author of Crossovers Expanded: A Secret Chronology of the World Volumes 1 and 2 (2016) and Volume 3 (2024), a regular contributor to the Farmer e-zine Farmerfan, and penned a story for The Last Tales of the Shadowmen 20: Fin de Siecle (Black Coat Press, 2023).