Meteor House Chapbook No. 4

Strange Incursions

by Jason Scott Aiken

Cover art by Charles Berlin


5.5×8.5, 24 pages (9,450 words)
Limited Edition of 100 Signed copies

Meteor House and Jason Scott Aiken are pleased to present Strange Incursions, two short stories by Jason Scott Aiken, “The Blood of Raizor” and “Galazi in the Enchanted City,” about natives clashing with invasive alien species. And featuring cover art by Charles Berlin!

“The Blood of Raizor” is published here for the first time. Set in Ancient Africa and inspired by “Black Destroyer” by A. E. van Vogt, lions avenge their pride against an attack by a leopard-like alien creature.

“Galazi and the Enchanted City” first appeared in Tales of the Shadowmen Volume 13: Sang Froid edited by Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier, and published in 2016 by Black Coat Press. This tale features H. Rider Haggard’s Galazi the Wolf, featured in Nada the Lily, venturing to Eugéne Hennebert’s Kisimbasimba, the city of lions, from The Enchanted City.

Our fourth limited edition chapbook is a 24 page, 9,450 word, set of adventures signed by Jason Scott Aiken.

Meteor House Chapbook No. 4
Meteor House Chapbook No. 4
Price: $8.00
Jason Scott Aiken is a freelance writer who enjoys penning fantasy and horror fiction. He has had short stories published by Black Coat Press, Cirsova, and Paizo Publishing. In addition to writing, Aiken has hosted and produced Pulp Crazy, a podcast dedicated to pulp authors, literature, and themes. He can be found online at and