Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows by Josh Reynolds!

Cover Art by Amar Djouad

Meteor House is thrilled to announce the third in our series of Signed Limited Edition Novellas based on the works of Philip José Farmer.

Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows is an exciting sequel to Farmer’s The Other Log of Phileas Fogg, which we all know is the “true story” behind the events of Jules Verne’s novel, Around the World in Eighty Days.

In this all-new adventure Phileas Fogg has settled into a life of quiet sequestration in the rural idyll of his family estate with his wife and children. The millenia-old conflict which once threatened to consume him is over and done. Or so he thought. But when an old foe disrupts his peaceful retirement, seeking his aid against an enemy which threatens them both, Fogg finds himself once more thrown into the white-hot crucible of war.

Now, with his loved ones under threat of death, and accompanied by the unpredictable colonel who has been described as the second most dangerous man in London, Fogg must dare the dangers of the City of Light in order to uncover the deadly secrets hidden beneath the streets of Paris. And as the wonders of the Exposition Universelle unfold around him and the air quivers with the impossible reverberation of nine great clangings, Fogg must plunge into the shadowed depths of the Parisian catacombs on the trail of his phantom enemy…

This is a story you don’t want to miss, but don’t just take our word for it:

“With all the verve, sense of adventure, and sly reference to classic literature that I’ve come to love and expect in his work, Josh Reynolds carries forward the secret history of Phileas Fogg in a manner both highly entertaining and true to the spirit of Philip José Farmer.” — Christopher Paul Carey (author of Exiles of Kho)

“The best Wold Newton stories tell a rollicking adventure tale, first and foremost, while also subtlety advancing the larger mythos. Josh Reynolds’ sequel to Philip Josè Farmer’s The Other Log of Phileas Fogg delivers in spades, with tale of high adventure that satisfies on both levels. Bravo! I eagerly await the next chapter in Fogg’s ongoing exploits.” — Win Scott Eckert (author of The Scarlet Jaguar)

As with our previous Signed Limited Edition Novellas, if you pre-order—now through May 15th—your name will appear in the book on the acknowledgments page! How cool is that? These pre-orders also determine the print run of each edition. Since these novella sell out in just a few months, pre-ordering is the only way to guarantee you will get a copy.

We have one more important detail to add, and this is brand-new, Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows will be available in trade paperback AND hardcover!

Many of our readers said they would prefer our Signed Limited Novellas in hardcover, and now you have a choice:

$15 for the Trade Paperback (plus shipping)
$25 for the Hardcover (plus shipping)
$35 for both! (add only the same shipping cost as the hardcover)

Seriously, who ever heard of $15 for a signed limited edition? Or only $25 for a signed limited edition hardcover with a dust jacket? And you if buy the hardcover you can get the trade paperback for only $10 more? No wonder Meteor House is your favorite micro-publisher!


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