Three Announcements in Three Days – Part Three!

For the second year in a row Meteor House has released two books at FarmerCon! The second book this year is also the second in our series of Signed Limited Edition novellas, The Scarlet Jaguar by Win Scott Eckert. This novella is the exciting sequel to The Evil in Pemberley House by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert.

You can listen to Win read the opening chapter from the novella by clicking here.

Our first Signed Limited Edition novella, Exiles of Kho (now out of print), had a print run of 200 copies. While The Scarlet Jaguar’s print run is bigger, at 225 copies, the end result is the same. After mailing the books that were preordered, and selling stacks of them at FarmerCon, we only have a short supply of copies remaining for sale.

However, there is one slight difference, as we’ve suffered a bit of a mishap, and our misfortune is your opportunity.

As we were unpacking the books after FarmerCon, we discovered that fifteen copies of the book were damaged. The damage comes in the form of pen marks on the edge of the pages. The good news for you is that we are selling these (ever so slightly) damaged copies at 33% off! That’s right, you can order one of these copies of The Scarlet Jaguar for only $10 (plus shipping)!

Or better yet, buy a pristine copy for full price ($15). Either way, don’t wait long, we expect The Scarlet Jaguar to go out of print even faster than Exiles of Kho did!


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