Announcing — An All-New Dayworld Novel!

A Hole in Wednesday

by Philip José Farmer & Danny Adams

Philip José Farmer’s Dayworld trilogy, as well as his short story “The Sliced-Crosswise Only-On-Tuesday World,” imagines a severely overcrowded future that cures the problem by “stoning” six-sevenths of the population each day.

Farmer began a prequel Dayworld novel, A Hole in Wednesday, but did not complete it, and Meteor House is pleased that Danny Adams has picked up the mantle. Set some time before the events in the original trilogy, the novel nonetheless has direct links to the acclaimed series, exploring the developing world and antecedent characters who vigorously challenge the life in which they find themselves trapped.

The Dayworld was born from the overpopulation and chaos of the late 21st century: live just one day out of seven, spend the rest in a suspended animation called stoning, and humanity will only need one-seventh of the resources it was consuming on its dying planet. Now, three-and-a-half centuries into this New Era—or two “subjective generations” later—everyone seems blessed with peace and abundance. But one man is about to discover that the seeds of the world’s destruction were deeply planted by the time the Dayworld began.

Jerry Carson never once thought about questioning the New Era. He knew better than most how horrific the world had once been. But when his wife suffers miscarriages that appear to be caused by her stoner, he begins to investigate. By the time he realizes there is an old darkness in the heart of the system that threatens wholesale destruction and genocide, there is no turning back. The New Era itself is saturated with corruption, including the knowledge that an elixir is being developed that would allow powerful conspirators to live forever, and any potential allies may be every bit as sinister. But the only way he, his wife, and the best of his world can survive is to join the forces threatening them all and somehow destroy the evil from within, before falling to the darkness himself. . .

A Hole in Wednesday will debut at PulpFest 2016/FarmerCon XI, July 21-24 2016, in Columbus, OH.

As with most Meteor House titles, the print run of the Signed (by Danny Adams) Hardcover Limited Edition will be determined by the number of books preordered. And while the trade paperback is not a limited edition, preordered copies will also by signed by coauthor Danny Adams. To ensure you get a signed copy of either edition, but sure to order no later than June 30th, 2016.



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