Tarzan and the Dark Heart of Time – Now in Audio!


Meteor House is very excited to let you know that Oasis Audio, through a deal with Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., has released Philip José Farmer’s Tarzan and the Dark Heart of Time as an audiobook! We couldn’t have been more pleased when Christopher Paul Carey, Meteor House author and Director of Publishing at ERB, Inc., broke the news to us.
Clocking in at 9 hours and 39 minutes, this audiobook will cover the trip to grandma’s for the holidays, and the drive back home!

And check it out, it looks like narrator Ben Dooley is doing the complete Tarzan series, from Tarzan of the Apes to Tarzan and the Valley of Gold, and everything in between!

It would be an interesting experiment for someone to listen to the Tarzan books in order, up through Tarzan the Untamed, then listen to Dark Heart of Time, then continue on with Tarzan the Terrible. We bet with the same narrator reading the books Phil’s novel would feel even more like you were reading Burroughs.


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