Virtual FarmerCon XV 2020

After FarmerCon XV was canceled (in person) then rescheduled to be a Virtual Con, then postponed, it was finally held over the weekend of September 18-19.

The Virtual Con mostly consisted of links to prerecorded videos be posted on the Meteor House Facebook page. There were also a couple of Zoom hangouts among the usual FarmerCon attendees.

Here are the videos, most of which can be found on Meteor House’s new YouTube channel:

Philip José Farmer’s science fiction eco-thriller Up from the Bottomless Pit

Heidi Ruby Miller reads from Man of War

Anthony Cardno reads from Up from the Bottomless Pit

Up from the Bottomless Pit, Farmer, and the Environment panel

A Rough Knight for the Queen reading by Paul Spiteri

The Many Adventures of Philip José Farmer panel

Interview with Paul Spiteri about A Rough Knight for the Queen

Philip Jose Farmer’s Sir Richard Francis Burton Book Collection

These were very informative and entertaining. While, of course, we all hope FarmerCon can be held in person next year, maybe we can find some way to still incorporate some prerecorded videos.


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