Secrets of the Nine Omnibus!


A Feast Unknown

Lord of the Trees

The Mad Goblin

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5.5×8.5, 564 pages
Trade Paperback
Limited Edition of 200 Hardcovers

Meteor House is pleased to announce all three of Philip José Farmer’s Secrets of the Nine novels collected in one omnibus for the first time! This edition also marks the the first US hardcover publication of Lord of the Trees and The Mad Goblin (the latter having been published in the UK under the title Keepers of the Secrets).

A Feast Unknown

The controversial underground classic of blood and lust—for adults only!

Lord Grandrith, the legendary apeman—jungle-raised secret son of Jack the Ripper—battles the equally legendary Doc Caliban, man of bronze and champion of justice. For the loser, it will mean death; for the victor, not just life—but immortality.

Inflamed by strange passions, these titans run amok in an orgy of hate and vengeance, lust and bloodshed. But these two giants have more in common than they could ever have imagined. Who are the dark manipulators of their destiny?

Lord of the Trees
The Mad Goblin

Lord of the Trees and The Mad Goblin, originally published together in an Ace double edition, follow Grandrith’s and Caliban’s less controversial but no less exciting simultaneous-separate adventures in their desperate battle against the Nine.

Lord of the Trees

The follow-up to Jose Farmer’s shocking and controversial A Feast Unknown.

“Having lived long enough with the charming fairy tale created by my biographer, I feel the time has come for the truth to be known. I propose to tell all: of the origins of the Nine, the elixir that gives us nearly eternal youth and superhuman strength, the struggles between us that set the world atremble.”

—John Cloamby, Lord Grandrith

The Mad Goblin

They were known simply as the Nine—grim and ancient rulers who thirty thousand years ago had discovered the key to eternal life and ever since had secretly held the world in thrall.

Once, Doc Caliban had been their servant and had shared their secrets. Now, appalled by their tyranny, he has turned against them, daring to challenge their centuries-old supremacy. Together with two stalwart aides whose superhuman skills match his own, Caliban sets out on the trail of the deadliest of the Nine: the mad goblin Iwaldi, the very incarnation of evil…

Meteor House Omnibus Edition

With cover art and frontispiece by Douglas Klauba, three full color plates by Iason Ragnar Bellerophon and a new introduction to the omnibus by R. Paul Sardanas (aka “Doc Talos”), this is the definitive collection of the adventures of Doc Caliban and Lord Grandrith!

This volume also features previously published essays by Theodore Sturgeon and Art Sippo, as well as a Nine Universe timeline by Win Scott Eckert and a new afterword to the omnibus by Eckert.

The Hardcover Limited Edition features:

  • Leatherette cover with gold foil stamping
  • Custom printed end papers
  • Three color plates by Iason Ragnar Bellerophon
  • Frontispiece by Douglas Klauba
  • Illustrated signature page, signed by Bellerphon, Eckert, Klauba, Sardanas, and Sippo!

Secrets of the Nine will be available in a Signed Hardcover Limited Edition and a Trade Paperback Edition. The print run of the Hardcover Limited Edition will be determined by the number of preorders. Both editions will ship in late June or early July 2024.

Readers should note that the fourth book in the series, The Monster on Hold, outlined and started by Farmer, remained uncompleted until Win Scott Eckert expanded on Farmer’s text and outline. This book, volume four of the Secrets of the Nine series, was published in 2021 by Meteor House.

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Secrets of the Nine Omnibus PB - Preorder
Secrets of the Nine Omnibus PB - Preorder
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Secrets of the Nine Omnibus HC - Preorder
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Secrets of the Nine Omnibus Both - Preorder
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About the Author

Philip José Farmer (1918–2009) was a three-time Hugo award winner and named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, capping a distinguished career of over fifty novels and one hundred short stories. He is best known for his Riverworld and World of Tiers series, the Dayworld series, and for the Wold Newton Family, which includes many recognizable characters such as Tarzan, Doc Savage, Nero Wolfe, and Sherlock Holmes. He has long been recognized as one of the foremost writers in the fields of science fiction and fantasy. Visit his official website at