The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 3 – Now Available for Preorder

The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 3
Portraits of a Trickster

Preorder volume 3 now! Not only will you save $5 off the cover price, but if you are one of the first 100 people to preorder, you will get a custom laminated bookmark, just like the ones sent out with the first 100 copies of The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 2.

It is hard to describe the amount of awesome in this collection: the secrets revealed, the heartfelt tributes, the mysteries you can help solve, the tricks that may or may be played on you, the secrets revealed, the never before seen material by Farmer, the stories continued (with even more secrets revealed)… The most exciting volume of The Worlds of Philip José Farmer yet!

Publication will be in late summer, hopefully in time for FarmerCon VII, August 9 – 12. Here is the working table of contents (subject to change).

Foreword by Frederik Pohl
Peoria-Colored Worlds
Missing the Wit and Creativity by Michael Bailey
Down in Phil Farmer’s Basement by Steven Connelly
Over All, After All by Philip José Farmer
Of Friendships and Influences
The Holy Spirit of Science Fiction by Bruce Sterling
The Robert Traurig Letters by Philip José Farmer
A Box of Influence by Chris Garcia
Wild Weird Clime by Philip José Farmer
To Be, or Not to Be by Tom Wode Bellman
Worlds in Disguise
Trout Masque Rectifier by Jonathan Swift Somers III
Kilgore, Kurt, and Me by David M. Harris
The Many Dooms of Harold Hall by Charlotte Corday-Marat
Desires Denied by Leo Queequeg Tincrowdor
Classic Worlds
Osiris on Crutches by Philip José Farmer & Leo Queequeg Tincrowdor
The Genuine Imposter by Rick Lai
The Long Wet Dream of Rip van Winkle by Philip José Farmer
Up, Out, and Over, Roger by Philip José Farmer
Expanded Worlds
The Wild Huntsman by Win Scott Eckert
Dakota’s Gate by Heidi Ruby Miller
The Last of the Guaranys by Octavio Aragão & Carlos Orsi
Trickster of the Apes by S.M. Stirling

Of course, if you already own a copy of The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 1 and 2 with matching numbers, we will send you the same number of volume 3.

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