A New Novel from Rhys Hughes!

Meteor House is proud to announce a new signed limited edition novel
by the internationally acclaimed cult author of science fiction, fantasy,
fables, whimsy, humour, and metafiction—Rhys Hughes!

The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange

The exploits of an apeman test pilot

By Rhys Hughes

The world has never seen an aviator quite like Stringent Strange. Half man, half ape, half badly added fraction, he can fly anything with wings and many things without. Under the mentorship of the unorthodox genius Professor Tobias Crinkle, our hairy hero soon gets much more than he bargains for when he finds himself up against a fiendish Nazi plot to invade and conquer America before the war has even begun!

Fortunately there exists an invention that can help him fight back against the warlike scoundrels, but the consequences of using it will propel him into even greater peril, into an alternative future where the themes and tropes of early magazine science fiction are menacingly real and coexist in perfect disharmony! Into a bracing reality where the only weapons he can rely on are the three special abnormalities he was born with…

Come and join Stringent Strange in a stupendous, mysterious, inventive adventure set in a far-flung time When Pulps Collide!

Ordering the book

The world has never seen a publishing event quite like this. There are three ways you can purchase a Signed Limited Edition of The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange.

1. Preorder the book and not only will you get a copy of this signed limited edition, but your name will appear in the book! Just as with Exiles of Kho we are giving our readers a chance to be linked with our books forever as a thank you for helping to make them possible.

2. Bid in the auction to be held September 10th – September 16th to appear in the book as a character! The top six bidders will be written into a scene, and not just any scene…the winners of the auction will appear as gladiators in an arena fighting to the death! And how is this for an incentive, the higher you bid, the longer you live!

3. Following the auction, for an extra fee the author will write you into a “deleted” scene. This scene will not appear in the book, but will be printed and mailed with your copy of the book. While all of the deleted scenes would have appeared in the same place in the novel, each scene will be unique and written especially for you. Just as with the auction, this scene will depict your death in the gladiatorial arena as you are killed off by an author! Click here to read an example.

A portion of the proceeds from both the auction and the deleted scenes will be given to Animal Aid, the UK’s largest animal rights group. So, being impaled on a sword, trident, javelin, axe, or any other weapon Rhys comes up with, will do some good beyond your personal entertainment. Click here for more details.

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