Announcing The Last Airship Hunter!

lahThe first two chapters of the eight-part serialized sequel to the acclaimed Airship Hunters are now available for the kindle!

Federal Aero-Marshals Valiantine and Cabot believed they’d put the strange and disturbing events of the Great Airship Mystery of 1897 behind them, but nine years later the past returns to haunt them with an old menace even as the present-day taunts them with new, ever greater challenges…

In “Life After Wartime,” Agent Valiantine struggles with the threat of losing his beloved Department A-13 while storm clouds gather to rain an old, all-too-familiar terror down upon him once again.

In “Turbulence,” Agent Cabot stalks the stomping grounds of his past, hunted by inexplicable new enemies and a mysterious woman who may hold the answers he desperately seeks.

Writers Jim Beard and Duane Spurlock launch another exciting look into the lives of New Pulp’s premiere turn-of-the-century investigators of the Unexplained in The Last Airship Hunter!

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