Crossovers Expanded – Volumes 1 & 2


Crossovers Expanded
Volumes 1 & 2

by Sean Lee Levin


Crossovers Expanded is a companion to Win Scott Eckert’s own epic Crossovers: A Secret Chronology of the World, Volume 1 and Volume 2, and contains over 300,000 words of all-new crossover entries. Compiled by crossover and Wold Newton expert Sean Lee Levin, the two-volume Crossovers Expanded includes more than 2000 crossover tales, as well as many timeline entries charting the wider history of the Crossover Universe.

Featuring beautiful wraparound covers by Keith Howell, both volumes are immediately available for preorder. Each volume is available for $29 + shipping, or you can buy the set—both volumes—for only $50 + shipping.

Crossovers Expanded, Volume 1

Cover by Keith Howell

From ancient times, when Red Sonja battled Dracula, and Conan crossed swords with Groo…

…To the Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian eras, when Doctor Syn battled the Black Coats; John Gribardsun and XauXaz had a fateful encounter in the village of Wold Newton; Rocambole dueled with Captain Nemo; the Lone Ranger encountered the Cisco Kid; Dr. Jekyll came face-to-face with Dracula and Dr. Van Helsing; Phileas Fogg worked with the Lone Ranger and jousted with the Phantom of the Opera in Paris; and Sherlock Holmes worked with or battled Sergeant Cuff, the Frankenstein Monster, the Assassination Bureau, Amelia Butterworth, THRUSH, Zenith the Albino, the Wizard of Oz, Doctor Moreau, Quentin Collins, and Doctor Thorndyke…

….And into the Twentieth Century, when Arsène Lupin met a young Simon Templar; Judex battled Dracula; Indiana Jones and Jules de Grandin met Jirel of Joiry; Jim Anthony and General Zaroff helped capture King Kong; a certain shadowy vigilante fought Grendel; the Green Lama prevented Cthulhu from arising; Doctor Omega and Madeline prevented Doc Ardan’s birth from being wiped from history; the Spider and the Green Ghost joined forces; an avenging pulp hero battled Sun Koh; the Black Bat and Death Angel had a run-in with Dracula; Thunder Jim Wade had an underwater conflict with the Deep Ones; and the Phantom Detective, G-8, the Domino Lady, and the Black Bat teamed up to battle occult forces…

With a new Foreword by Win Scott Eckert (author of the acclaimed two-volume Crossovers: A Secret Chronology of the World, to which these new works by Levin serve as companion volumes), Crossovers Expanded, Volume 1 also includes many book and magazine covers, as well as appendices delving into many television crossovers and Kim Newman’s Anno Dracula series.


Crossovers Expanded, Volume 2

Cover by Keith Howell

From the mid-Twentieth Century, when a shadowy vigilante teamed up with Nick Carter; Hawkman worked with Sherlock Holmes; an avenging hero battled Dr. Karl Walden and Countess Lilya Zarov alongside the Domino Lady; the Nyctalope, Sal Paradise, Dean Moriarty, and Frank Reade’s granddaughter fought giant ants in the Nevada desert; the Shadow, the jungle lord, Bulldog Drummond, and a bronze-skinned, golden-eyed pulp hero had dinner at Nero Wolfe’s brownstone; Judex battled Freddy Krueger; Honey West and T.H.E. Cat solved two cases together; Captain Action and the Black Bat teamed up in Japan; Carl Kolchak met the descendants of Doctor Moreau’s creatures, as well as the Time Traveler; Lupin III matched wits with Fantômas’ grandson; the Ghostbusters fought the Phantom of the Opera and the Deep Ones; and Vampirella met Buffy…

…To the Twenty-first Century, when Lara Croft visited Shangri-La; Angel and company battled a Kandarian demon; Harry Dresden encountered a shoggoth; the DangerGirl team joined forces with Ash Williams and G.I. Joe; Cassie Hack and Vlad went up against Edgar Dill, Victor Crowley, Jason Voorhees, and Dexter, and teamed up with the Living Corpse, Mercy Sparx, and Eva; the Phantom and Captain Action had a mission together; Cal McDonald met the Frankenstein Monster, the Goon, and the vampires of Barrow, Alaska; Witchblade and Red Sonja crossed paths; the Phantom and Mandrake defeated a pair of rogues; Dick Tracy found a missing Little Orphan Annie; Remo Williams and Batman fought the Joker; and Fox Mulder quoted his good friend Dale Cooper…

…To the far-flung future, when crews of the starships Enterprise had transdimensional encounters with the Planet of the Apes, the Legion of Super-Heroes, and the Doctor…

With a new Foreword by William Patrick Maynard (author of the highly-regarded continuation novels featuring Sax Rohmer’s classic character, Doctor Fu-Manchu), Crossovers Expanded, Volume 2 also includes many book and magazine covers, as well as an appendix covering a myriad of alternate universe tales, parodies, and farces which don’t fit into the primary Crossover Universe continuity.

Both Crossovers Expanded volumes will debut at PulpFest 2016/FarmerCon XI, July 21-24 2016, in Columbus, OH. At PulpFest, Mr. Levin, Mr. Eckert, and Mr. Maynard will sign the books preordered to date, after which the books will ship to all preordering customers. (Note that these books are not signed, limited editions; books will be signed at PulpFest as a courtesy to preordering customers, but signatures cannot be guaranteed for books ordered after PulpFest/FarmerCon.)

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