All 2021 Meteor House Titles Announced!

Today is January 26th and would have been Philip José Farmer’s 103rd birthday. It’s hard to believe it’s been twelve almost years since we lost him. Every year on Phil’s birthday we like to announce one of the books we’re going to publish this coming year, but this time we’re doing it a little bit differently. This time, we’re announcing ALL the books we’re publishing this year all at once. As usual these books will be published in summer/fall, but you can preorder them now.

Why preorder them now, you ask? Great question! All three books will have a Signed Hardcover Limited Edition, and the print run will be based on the number of books preordered. So to make sure you get one before they sell out, you need to preorder them now!

Why are we announcing all three books at once instead of spreading the announcements out over the next few months like we have in the past? Another great, and very knowledgeable, question! The answer is simple, we’re doing it for you! So many of you buy most (if not all) of our books that we want to be able to give you discounted package deals with big savings right out of the gate. Now, let’s get to the titles:

The Monster on Hold by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert. Yes, the book you’ve been waiting decades for (since Phil first published an excerpt in 1983) will be published in a Trade Paperback and Signed Hardcover Limited Edition. This is the fourth novel in the Secrets of the Nine series (A Feast Unknown, Lord of the Trees, The Mad Goblin) and was begun in the 1970s. Using Farmer’s partial manuscripts and copious notes Win Scott Eckert has completed the novel at long last.

It’s Always Darkest by Frank Schildiner. Set in the same Secrets of the Nine universe as The Monster on Hold, this hard-boiled novella follows a new, yet familiar, character, a one-time initiate of the Nine who has chosen to rebel against their formidable forces. This novella will be published as a Signed Hardcover Limited Edition.

The Man Who Met Tarzan by Philip José Farmer. This book collects many of the articles, speeches, essays and letters Farmer has written about Edgar Rice Burroughs and Tarzan over several decades, culminating in his interview with the jungle lord in 1972. This collection will be published in a Trade Paperback and Signed Hardcover Limited Edition featuring vintage cover art.

Click on all three links above for more details about each book. You may have noticed we haven’t shared any of the covers with you yet. Those are coming soon!

And, as promised, we have put together discounted package deals for customers who want to purchase more than one book.

Here’s to a great 2021!

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