The Man Who Met Tarzan Cover Reveal!

Back on Philip José Farmer’s birthday we announced the three books we’re publishing in 2021:

The Man Who Met Tarzan by Philip José Farmer

The Monster on Hold by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert

It’s Always Darkest by Frank Schildiner

Today we’re really excited to share with you the covers for The Man Who Met Tarzan. This wonderful artwork is by famed movie poster artist John Solie who did this for a poster for Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., back in 1978. That’s right, this was a poster and has never been used on a book cover before! Click on the pictures to zoom in, they are stunning!

Paperback art by John Solie




The book is due out in the summer/fall of 2021; preorder now to ensure you get a copy of the Signed Hardcover Limited Edition. Just like our last two Hardcover Limited Editions (The Philip José Farmer Centennial Collection and A Rough Knight for the Queen) this book will feature a leatherette cover with foil stamping and colored end papers. A fine quality collectible edition to be sure.

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