The Monster on Hold Paperback Cover Reveal!

Meteor House is very excited to reveal Doug Klauba’s terrific cover art for the Trade Paperback edition of The Monster on Hold! This is our first time working with Doug, but Win Scott Eckert picked him for one of the two covers since Doug did a cover for Win at another publisher years ago.

Note that both the Trade Paperback and Signed Hardcover Limited Editions have interior artwork by Doug Klauba and Hardcover artist Mark Wheatley. And both artists, as well as Chuck Welch (introduction) and Win Scott Eckert, will be signing the Hardcover Limited Edition.

Also note that to guarantee you can get a copy of Signed Hardcover Limited Edition, you need to preorder now.

Paperback art by Doug Klauba

Paperback art by Doug Klauba

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